What is All Mishnah Jr.?

All Mishnah Jr. consists of learning two mishnayot (Monday through Friday), and in turn receiving AMJ swag and entering weekly raffles to win awesome prizes!

Who can join?

Middle school students from participating schools. There are currently 20 participating schools across the country. (If your school is not yet one of them, tell them to join by contacting us!)

When is AMJ?

The AMJ season starts a few weeks after Succot, and runs until Pesach. (Exact dates are announced on a yearly basis.)

Where do I learn?

Learn at home, school, or wherever/whenever works best for you!

What do I learn?

All Mishnah Jr. does not run on the same schedule as Mishnah Yomi (regular AllMishnah.org), but instead runs on its own 3-year cycle with an assortment of masechtot from Seder Moed and Nezikin.

How do I learn?

Learn however you’d like, whether it be with a friend, parent, or chavruta!

Why should I join?

AMJ has taken the nation by storm, with close to 2,000 students from 20 participating middle schools across the country, and many more are joining! Don’t miss out- join today!

What are the prizes?

Depending on the number of students signed up/learning at each institution, your school will receive up to four weekly $20 amazon gift card raffles (per school)! This is in addition to one-time school-based raffles for larger prizes.

What else do I get for joining?

Awesome AMJ swag/merch!